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Oblio Stool Is Perfect For People Who Can’t Sit Still

Meg Czaja designed a stool that is fun with an important message behind it.

With a seat that allows the sitter to swivel, rock and bounce, the Oblio stool doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s exactly how Meg Czaja intended it to be, a Pratt Institute graduate who believes in integrating play in ordinary objects and everyday life.


Photo: Meg Czaja

A maple seat plugs into a rubber half-sphere with a semi-rigid foam interior, which then sits on a three-legged maple base.



Photos: Meg Czaja

“What does it mean to be playful?” asks Meg. The result is a lighthearted and playful design that takes cues from beloved childhood toys and Scandinavian design.

Stool Close Up

Photo: Meg Czaja

According to Meg, the stool was inspired by Kinesthetes, people who need to fidget in order to think.

Her thesis, Subtle Play, questions the notion that play for adults is often seen as a guilty pleasure or something that is unproductive. Play is an integral part of a child’s growth and development, however as we get older, we think that there are more important things to do than play. Meg’s thesis therefore is about the importance of maintaining a playful life throughout adulthood and exploring of what it means to be playful.


Photo: Meg Czaja

Check out the rest of Meg’s work at her website and be sure to read the interview we did with her.

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