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Mayku Wants To Put A Factory In Your Home With Formbox

Soon, you can start your own production line right from your home, starting with FormBox.

FormBox is the first of a series of tabletop factories that aims to get designers, makers, hobbyists and small businesses (anyone, really) to start making their own products from home, giving them production capabilities that were once unavailable to them, until now.

09 FormBox with red material_large

Photo: Mayku

FormBox is a desktop vacuum former that makes 3D shapes in seconds, using the power of your vacuum cleaner. It heats up a sheet of thermo-plastic and then forms a shape around a 3D template, creating a perfect plastic replica of the shape in an instant. This can then be used as a mould to cast many products or used as a product itself.

13 Moulding a speaker_large

Photo: Mayku

With a smaller footprint than most laptops, FormBox can easily sit on your desktop and is always within arm’s reach.

Making a template_large

Photo: Mayku

The possibilities are endless. Simply take a piece of banana that has been lying around, place it onto the FormBox bed and create your own banana lamp. Or even start a personalised chocolate messaging service. And like the pictures above, you can cut up potatoes and cast concrete flower pots out of them. Yes, food isn’t just for eating. Well, you get our point.

20 Banana light_large

Photo: Mayku


Photos: Mayku

As of June 4, Mayku wrapped up their highly successful Kickstarter campaign with 1745 backers pledging $588,557.

For $349 (approximately £250 and €310) the FormBox comes with the vacuum former itself, some materials and a making kit, as well as a universal vacuum connector.

10 FormBox package_large

Photo: Mayku

According to their website, FormBox is just the first of four products and the remaining three are coming soon.

19 All of the things_large

Photo: Mayku

Visit their website here:

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