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Interview With Patrick Kok

I first met Patrick a few years ago when I was studying in Kuala Lumpur. At that time he was just starting his photography journey so I didn’t know much about his work. Fast forward to today, I am really amazed at how quickly he’s developed his skill and passion for photography in just a couple of years. His photos have a very natural feel and calming aesthetic to them. Patrick is a very nice and humble guy who is always looking for ways to improve his art.

Be sure to check out his photography tips!

I am a wedding and portrait photographer, but my main focus is on wedding photography as this is how I started my professional photography journey. Five years ago I followed a friend – who is also a fellow photographer – on one of his wedding shoots. I brought a camera along and just snapped some photos during the wedding. It’s quite fun to shoot weddings and this is why I am continuing to do it today.

Candid shots in weddings are always my favourite. It could be tears, laughter, hugs or kisses. However, you have to be sharp and not be distracted by anything when you want to take candid shots. You cannot ask them to laugh or cry again! I do tend to target uncles and aunties. I feel those pictures are the most precious to me as you won’t get too many opportunities to take pictures with them again. With your friends, you can take as many pictures as often as you like!

Recently, I ventured into landscape photography since coming back to Sabah about a year ago. I found out that Sabah has really beautiful landscapes so I thought, why not take some pictures and show people how amazing it is. I like doing time-lapses, especially of stars. You can see lots of stars at night in Kundasang. Most people like taking sunrise and sunset shots, why not go out at night and take pictures of stars? I love adventure, sight seeing, nature, and experiencing God’s creation. It’s okay even if you don’t take a picture. Just go and enjoy the scenery. If you’re lucky enough, you get to see some meteor showers.

My style is all about matching skin tones. My photos will not be too saturated or contrasted. The colours won’t run too far away from the originals. I do not like to over edit my photos, maybe just 10-20% changes in colour. Make it clean and simple, that’s all I think would be the best. Everyone has their own style in photography. Just be yourself.

My journey into photography is slightly different from others. I started in 2012. At that time, one of my cousins who first brought me to church when I was studying and working in KL passed away. I really regretted never taking a picture with her. So I saved up some money and bought myself a camera, to try and take pictures of people as often as possible. This is how I started. It was a very precious lesson for me, because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have become a Christian. She was always fetching me to church, and I never even got to take a photo with her.

The lesson that I learnt from that is: try to take as many pictures as you can with the people closest to you, especially the elderly. Life is so precious – you’ll never know when they’ll be gone.

I hope to use my photography to help people, people who are in real need. Homeless people. Children who do not go to school. I do not know exactly how yet, but I want to use the money earned from some projects to help them. Maybe put it in a fund to help build a school for the less fortunate. Maybe not even build a school, but any other way to can help. I would also like to use my photography to showcase the talents of these unfortunate people – whether they are talented in music, dancing, or singing. Hopefully these people will noticed by the right people through my photography. Here’s hoping at least one of them will be hired into a band!

Visit Patrick’s website at www.patrickkok.com and follow his page on Facebook.

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