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Interview With Fya of Sukka Project

Sukka Project was started by two young and talented women, Fya Zainal and Ichie Imran. They started Sukka Project as a platform to channel their love and passion for arts and crafts by doing different creative projects that they learn along the way. You can see them participating and selling their wonderfully hand-made crafts at art markets and they hold various craft-making workshops. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, their dream is for people to recognise Sukka whenever people see their products and hope to open their own studio in the future back in their hometown in Kota Kinabalu.

Today we have an interview with Fya, one of the co-founders of Sukka Project.

Also, do read the interview with the other co-founder of Sukka Project, Ichie.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Sukka Project?

Basically, both of us share the same roles and tasks. But I’ll be responsible in liaising with people (when it comes to dealing with customers, market, workshop or interview), getting all the sewing works ready, in charge of paper mache (small scale), Ichie will be doing a bigger scale of paper mache.

Paper mache vase

2. What were you doing before Sukka?

Graphic designer and still am.

3. Can you briefly tell us about your background? When did you start exploring your creative side?

I studied graphic design when I was in college and started to involve in the creative side by doing crafts, etc.

Plushy workshop

4. What are some of your favourite projects to date?

Anything to do with sewing, because I feel involved.

Molly plushy

5. You guys are very active in conducting various workshops. What motivates you to do this?

Money, Nahh..I’m kidding. The people who joined our workshops motivated us the most. We love the positive feedback and support shown by our students and friends, it keeps us going by conducting more workshops. Even after workshop they will get in touch with us to get to know more details regarding the classes they’ve joined.

Birthday activities – plushy workshop

Plushy workshop

6. What is the most challenging thing about running Sukka Project?

Time. Both of us are doing this as a part time as we have our own full-time job. We have to sacrifice our weekends (for market or workshop), and spent hours (after working hour, till late) on Sukka especially when there’s an upcoming market. Also the struggle when we started Sukka, to get people to understand about our stuff/projects – and to convince them (we usually had a hard time explaining about the paper mache, without getting a ‘doubt face’).

7. And the most rewarding thing is?

The positive feedback, be it from our clients or students and the finished product.

Craft Market – Battery Acid Club

Paper Puppet in a Box

8. So at this moment, the both of you are running Sukka Project as a part time basis. What is your full time job?

I’m a graphic designer by day. Working 9-6 weekdays and sometimes required overtime, and weekends. Sukka helps me get away from my computer, and it’s a good thing.

9. What are your plans for Sukka in the future?

For short-term plan we want people to immediately recognize Sukka whenever they see our products, and for long-term, to finally own a studio, back at our hometown in KK.

Kitchen gift set

10. And finally, any advice for people who wish to open their own design firm/studio in the future?

We haven’t got a studio ourselves too, though, so I don’t think I’m capable of giving this kind of advice but, keep on doing things that you like, and don’t let people tell you otherwise. There will always a rainbow after the rain.

Ichie (left) and Fya (right)

Check out Sukka Project on Facebook and Instagram. Follow them to see their latest updates on new products and workshops.

Read the interview with the other co-founder of Sukka Project, Ichie.

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