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A Vinyl Experience For the Eyes – Floating Record

A vinyl listening experience that is for your ears as well as your eyes.

There are things that go well together: pen and paper, sand and surf, fish and chips. The folks over at Gramovox believe that listening to vinyl should be a visual experience as it is an audial one.


The Floating Record is one of the most beautiful record players you’ll ever see. Created by Gramovox (who also created the equally as impressive Bluetooth Gramophone) it is a marriage of vintage design and modern technology. It isn’t the only vertical turnable out there, but it surely is one of the better designed ones.


It plays your records (33 ⅓ and 45 rpm) vertically, showcasing the beauty of your records while giving the impression that it’s floating. The records are held in place with a clamp and the carbon fibre tone arm uses a spring to keep it in contact with the record’s surface. Sound is played through built in, dynamic, full-range stereo speakers or via an RCA line out. The Floating Record’s integrated design means that it does not take up much space, as traditional record players do with pre-amps, amps, receivers, speakers and cables.

The 4,218 backers on Kickstarter (who pledged $1,575,976, according to their website) proves that vinyl (and great design) truly isn’t dead.


It is ready to use right out of the box. Available in walnut and maple, the Floating Record truly a feat for the eyes (and ears).

Photos: Gramovox


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