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FLIP x FOLD: Travel Local, Be Local

We’ve seen travel documentaries on TV. We’ve watched countless travel vlogs on YouTube. We’ve followed our favourite food and travel photographers on Instagram. We’ve done countless Google searches and scoured the depths of the internet. And when all else fails, we know we can count on that one travel buff and foodie friend who knows the best places to visit and where to find great food.

What if there was a magazine that featured all of these – travel tips and stories from locals that you won’t normally hear?

Enter: FLIP x FOLD.

FLIP x FOLD aims to bring you places, palates and people that help you travel like a true local.

FLIP x FOLD is a Travel and Culture magazine that shares stories from locals, and it hopes to inspire you to eat and travel like one. There are already a multitude of travel and culture magazines readily available at newsstands and bookstores that cover reviews of the latest and hottest attractions in every country across the globe. However, to truly experience a place is to experience it like a local. FLIP x FOLD stands out from the rest of these magazines by featuring tales told from the eyes of the locals. It is a beautiful, fully coloured magazine that you’ll want to carry along with you when you travel.

The first issue showcases places to visit, delicious restaurants as well as inspiring local stories featuring the work of talented designers in Melbourne, everything from pubs, local restaurants, art and one-off events.

Each magazine provides tips on places to visit, events, discount codes, useful apps and food to savour along with stunning imagery.

Founded by a team of enthusiastic people who love to travel and trying out new things, they aim to reach out and make known the rich variety of voices from the locals. Everyone has a unique travel to tell.

This project is currently on Kickstarter, and with your help they can make this a reality. Do check them out on Facebook as well!

Go ahead, flip the pages and fold to bookmark for easy travel.

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