Designplusgood is a website and an online magazine dedicated to bring you the best stories from the design world, anything from architecture to product design, web design and technology. Occasionally you’ll hear us ramble on about something that irked our nerves but it’s only because we care so much about design 😉

Founded by Jeremy Tan, we are based in Malaysia and we work hard to bring you the best articles showcasing the plus side of design. We love to feature promising local designers, showing the best that our home has to offer but we’ll never say no to featuring designers and stories from all around the world.

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Hi, it’s Jeremy here. I started this website initially as a way to share the most inspiring design stories in the world from quirky designs to products that solve the big issues. It soon came to my realisation that there are so many talented designers out there who are not getting the recognition they deserve. So I hope that with this website (and your continued support) we may carry on showcasing the best talent the world has yet to discover for many years to come. It is also my passion to see small businesses and designers grow and I hope the material published here will excite and motivate you to do wonderful things. I would love to know if we inspired you in any way, and please do feel free to let me know what you’d like to see on our website. Cheers!

Featured Columns

Design Digest – This is where you will find most of our stories: from the latest trends, to innovative products, and fanboy-ing the latest iPhone release.

Feature Friday – On Fridays we talk to designers and artists from all over the world whether they are up-and-coming or experienced and well-established.

Mumbles and Musings – Watch out for this space. Here is where we’ll post updates, talk about anything design-related (or not) and everything else in between.

Uncovering Exhibitions – Our new mini-column featuring the most interesting finds at design and art exhibitions. Some posts are contributed by our guest writer Marie Boes.