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A Surprise At London’s Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Today we’re starting a new mini-column called Uncovering Exhibitions, where we will be featuring interesting finds at design exhibitions, written by our guest writer and correspondent, Marie Boes.

The Clerkenwell Design Week (24-26 May 2016) in London is a 3 day design festival already running its seventh edition this year. Standing stronger than ever, attracting visitors from all over the world.

As the design week showcases over 60 exhibitors, we decided to put a special one in the spotlight: Monotype, a London-based typography company that makes fonts attractive, exciting and innovative.

They’ve created an outdoor installation, Wordplay, created to bring type to life. A physical shape was given to seven different lively verbs using wood, concrete, paint, vinyl..


The painted word EXPLORE in one of the dodgy streets of Clerkenwell shouts at you; come closer and see what’s beyond, discover, see the world! The designers Manou Bendon and Jan Mohammed, created an image made from a distorted perspective that can only be read when seen from its focal point.


Using the simple Unica sans serif letter type, the craftsman Sebastian Cox and his team turned the word ENJOY into this beautifully crafted wooden bench.


This installation was a collaboration between Sally Hogarth and Monotype, made in fibre cement. The elegant letter type Gill Sans was meant to be for this installation as it creates abstract lines and shapes that reward the reader’s attention by hiding the word DISCOVER within a pattern. Two different techniques were used; etching into the surface to create the letters and cutting through the fibre cement to expose the word DISCOVER.

If you missed this inspirational exhibition don’t worry, Monotype will have lots more to show the world.

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