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A Mushroom Lamp That Charges Your iPhone

A cool mushroom lamp that lights up your room and charges your phone.

If you need another reason to love mushrooms then this is it. ZISION X IDMIX from China created a super cool atmosphere lamp in the shape of a mushroom that can charge your iPhone.


It is made of two distinct parts: the base (or top, if you’re charging your phone) is made of North American hard maple, finished with natural vegetable oil wax that is harmless to the human body, in case you mistake it for an actual mushroom, while the glass lampshade is traditionally blown (so each piece is unique).


It comes with a built-in 5000mAh Lithium Polymer battery, enough for an 8 hours of lighting or two full iPhone charges.


The intensity of the light can be set to three different levels according to your liking by pressing a button on its base.


The creators of the lamp drew inspirations from nature, and they hope that their design can bring people, nature, science and technology close together.

Their campaign on Kickstarter was a success, having raised $17,171 from 125 backers, and will be bringing the Mushroom Lamp to reality. Visit their Kickstarter page and like them on Facebook.


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